• Justin Bieber and your kids

    Posted 1/29/2014 by Angelo M. Valente

    In case you missed it, Justin Bieber is in hot water. Speculations about the singer’s troubles have been reported ad nauseum in the past few weeks.

  • Tune in tonight for some important, life saving information!

    Posted 1/22/2014 by Angelo M. Valente

    Tonight at 7PM on NJTV a special will be aired highlighting a recent conference hosted by the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey to engage the medical community in a conversation on their role in reversing the alarming trends of prescription drug abuse throughout our state. The special, hosted by Emmy Award winning anchor Steve Adubato and made possible through the generous support of Actavis, examines the need for a multi-disciplined approach to this complex issue.

  • You've Never Heard of It, But It's Saving Lives All Over America

    Posted 1/15/2014 by Angelo M. Valente

    Naloxone. This drug isn’t exactly a household name, but it may be responsible for saving the lives of more than 10,000 people in Chicago since it became available in 1996.

  • What Are the Top 20 Towns in NJ for Heroin Abuse? The Answer will Shock You

    Posted 1/8/2014 by Angelo M. Valente

    Is your town in the top 20? The Division of Addiction Services in the New Jersey Department of Human Services has released their top 20 towns, although it might not be a list you want to be on.

  • 5 New Year's Resolutions for a Drug-Free 2014

    Posted 1/1/2014 by Angelo M. Valente

    Happy New Year to all of our friends and partners! The Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey is now entering its 22nd year of media innovation in the battle against substance abuse in our state.

  • Merry Christmas!

    Posted 12/25/2013 by Angelo M. Valente

    We wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of our friends and partners a Merry Christmas, from The Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey!

  • We started a conversation with Geraldo Rivera, but how are we going to continue it?

    Posted 12/18/2013 by Angelo M. Valente

    In case you missed it, I had the privilege of being on “Geraldo at Large” on the Fox News Network to discuss heroin abuse in New Jersey and across the country. You can find a release as well as the full segment on our website.

  • Checking in with your College Student

    Posted 12/11/2013 by Angelo M. Valente

    The holiday season is upon us and thanks to the recent weather events, we may be treated to a white Christmas, just like the ones we used to know Thanks, Bing! . With the happiness that is associated with this time of year, is the joy of having your college-aged child home for the holidays.

  • Step 5 of 5: Talk to your kids

    Posted 12/4/2013 by Angelo M. Valente

    We now come to the end of our five week journey through the American Medicine Chest Challenge 5 Steps. We learned a lot along the way about prescription drug abuse and safe storage and disposal of unwanted, unused, and expired prescription medication.

  • PDFNJ targets new potential victims of alcohol abuse

    Posted 11/28/2013 by Angelo M. Valente

    MILLBURN – The Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey has announced today that they will be designing a series of public service campaigns to address a new constituency that have been placed in a situation that encourages alcohol abuse. Based on a story from the Associated Press, vulnerable turkeys in New Hampshire are being force fed beer as a flavor enhancer, without concern of potential consequences associated with binge drinking.

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