Better Know a PDFNJ Program: School-based Programs

Welcome to our third and final installment of “Better Know a PDFNJ Program”! We hope its been an educational experience for all of our readers. PDFNJ prides itself on being a national trendsetter with our campaigns, but its just as important to us that we remain active in our community. This most especially means teaching New Jersey children about the importance of leading healthy lifestyles. PDFNJ has a wide range of programs available for students as young as 3rd grade and as old as high school. It’s never too early to speak to your kids about the dangers of substance abuse. These programs can help you get that conversation started.

3rd Grade Contract for a Healthy Life

This is a great opportunity for third grade students to pledge to stay away from drugs, and their parents and school promise to support this choice. PDFNJ provides contracts for all students to sign with parents and school representative and a poster sized contract is provided for students to sign and display in the classroom. Find more information on the 3rd Grade Contract for a Healthy Life here.

4th Grade Folder Contest

Our 4th Grade Folder Contest offers the chance for budding artists to show their creativity. We ask 4th grade students across New Jersey to submit artwork that relate to the theme: “Fun things to do Instead of Doing Drugs”. The winning entries have their artwork reproduced and printed on folders, which are then distributed to every school in New Jersey. Find out more about the 4th Grade Folder Contest here.

The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey 5th Grade Parent Alert

This is a vital resource for parents to learn about the latest trends in substance abuse. Most importantly, it encourages parents to discuss these issues with their kids. Knowledge is power when it comes to substance prevention. The program gives parents this knowledge. Find out more about the 5th Grade Parent Alert here.

Middle School PSA Challenge

Many of our programs encourage peer-to-peer prevention techniques. The Middle School PSA Challenge is no different. Middle school students across New Jersey are encouraged to write prevention themed 30 second PSA scripts. The winner has their script professionally filmed and distributed to television stations across New Jersey. We are currently accepting entries for the Middle School PSA Challenge! Find out more information here.

New Jersey Shouts Down Drugs

Our final school based program is geared towards high school songwriters and musicians. Students from across New Jersey are asked to write prevention themed music. Finalists are selected and voted upon from each county and perform at our annual Statewide Prevention Concert at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark. The winning musician is given a year long touring contract with the Partnership to perform at events throughout New Jersey. This year, the concert will be held on April 17th. Tickets are on sale now. For more information and to listen and vote for our finalists, visit

All of our school based programs, as with all of our initiatives, are completely free of charge. These programs are designed to teach our children about the dangers of substance abuse and encourage increased communication between parent and child. Our studies have indicated that many parents believe kids use drugs because of peer pressure. Last year, over 90,000 New Jersey students took part in Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey school based programs. It’s time we started influencing our kids in positive, healthier ways.


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