• PEDs and Your Young Athlete

    Posted 8/28/2013 by Angelo M. Valente

    Who didn’t want to be a professional athlete growing up? We’ve all fantasized about seeing our name in lights or coming up with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th or taking the last shot at the buzzer.

  • An Open Letter to Miley Cyrus

    Posted 8/21/2013 by Angelo M. Valente

    Dear Miley Cyrus, I wasn’t going to acknowledge the controversy surrounding your latest single, “We Can’t Stop” and the several references to ecstasy riddled throughout the lyrics. However, I recently came across a video that appears to show you lip synching to a new unreleased song in which you make several references to the aforementioned controversy.

  • Shout Down Drugs Now Available on Comcast

    Posted 8/14/2013 by Angelo M. Valente

    It’s a well known fact that music can inspire change in a community, protest singers like Bob Dylan and John Lennon can certainly attest to that. This idea of change through music led the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey to create New Jersey Shout Down Drugs.

  • Bill W. and Dr. Bob

    Posted 8/7/2013 by Angelo M. Valente

    Alcoholics Anonymous AA is a recovery organization aimed at helping those suffering alcoholism not only abstain from alcohol but change the mindset of the patient so that they don’t seek alcohol as a remedy any longer. Perhaps most famous for its policy of confidentiality among its constituents, AA members will often only refer to each other by their first name and last initial, founders, Bill W.

  • 5 Simple Steps to Eliminating Rx Abuse

    Posted 7/31/2013 by Angelo M. Valente

    Wycoff is a beautiful suburban town in Bergen County, New Jersey. The Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey has enjoyed many years of cooperation with the Wycoff, mayor and council, school board, and police department and it is the very last place you’d expect to be the latest battle front in the constant struggle against prescription drug abuse.

  • Cory Monteith and the growing heroin epidemic

    Posted 7/24/2013 by Angelo M. Valente

    We were all shocked by the unfortunate and untimely passing of the very talented Cory Monteith last week. It is always extremely sad to hear of a young life being extinguished too soon, especially when it could have been prevented.

  • 5 Family Things to Do in New Jersey

    Posted 7/17/2013 by Angelo M. Valente

    This New Jersey summer is in full swing and businesses and communities up and down the coast are proving they are stronger than the storm that struck last October. It’s a great time to take some time off of work and take the family to see what our great state has to offer.

  • Why do Kids do Drugs?

    Posted 7/10/2013 by Angelo M. Valente

    It seems that no matter how many substance abuse prevention messages are put out every year and how much information is found through cutting edge research, there is still a significant percentage of the population abusing drugs and alcohol. Even more worrisome, a good amount of them are kids.

  • Rihanna, Marijuana, and Role Models

    Posted 7/3/2013 by Angelo M. Valente

    Kids are heavily influenced by the singers and actors they love. I don’t think that comes as a shock to anyone.

  • Smoking Alcohol? A Frightening New Trend

    Posted 6/26/2013 by Angelo M. Valente

    I’m a bit disappointed because I had a great blog post all lined up for this week, but when I saw this article come across my desk, I knew it had to be addressed. There is a new viral trend making its way around the Internet showing how to vaporize and smoke alcohol.

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