Narcan in Monmouth County: Two dozen lives saved and counting...

I come to you in this week’s edition of the PDFNJ Blog with excellent news! The Narcan initiative that was piloted in Ocean and Monmouth County last year has been so successful, that Governor Christie expanded the program to all 21 counties.

Just how successful is it?

We previously reported that in Ocean County, dozens of lives have been saved thanks to the new initiative. In Monmouth County, however, an overwhelming two dozen people have been saved thanks to Narcan, according to a recent Asbury Park Press article. Among them, according to the article, a 16-year-old Colts Neck girl and a 15-year-old Middletown girl from over the weekend.

This is wonderful news for Monmouth County and the state as a whole, as we continue to find ways to end the heroin epidemic that has claimed so many lives in recent years. However, it is important to remember that Narcan is akin to a life preserver being thrown out to a distressed swimmer: the immediate danger may have passed but they still have to be pulled to shore.

While we are thrilled to hear that lives are being saved, the teens mentioned in the article are reminders of whom these statistics represent: our kids. Law enforcement is out there saving lives, but parents need to be more vigilant than ever when it comes to monitoring their children’s activities and whereabouts because the danger is very real. Make sure you are talking to your kids about the dangers of substance abuse and touching base with them frequently. This is a statistically proven way of drastically reducing their risk of trying drugs and alcohol.

The Narcan safety net is established and doing its job effectively. Now it’s time for parents to step to the plate.

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