Welcome Summer!

Summer has arrived! Summer is my favorite season, as the warm weather brings with it the opportunity to relax, take time for activities and enjoy added time with family and friends. PDFNJ research shows that kids who communicate regularly with their parents about their daily activities are 67% less likely to be involved in substance abuse. Throughout the summer, PDFNJ continues to offer a variety of resources for families to utilize.

Parents can find out additional information on current trends at TalkNowNJ.Com, or take an interactive quiz to test their knowledge on the impact of underage drinking and the opioid abuse crisis at ParentCheckNJ.Com. We will also host a series of webinars on all of these topics:

Date                         Time

Tuesday, 6/27/17             11:30 AM

Tuesday, 6/27/17             1:00 PM

Wednesday, 6/28/17        11:30 AM

Wednesday, 6/28/17        1:00 PM 

All webinars are open to the public to participate in by registering here.

Wishing you a wonderful summer season! 

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