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Tonight at 7PM on NJTV a special will be aired highlighting a recent conference hosted by the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey to engage the medical community in a conversation on their role in reversing the alarming trends of prescription drug abuse throughout our state.  The special, hosted by Emmy Award winning anchor Steve Adubato and made possible through the generous support of Actavis, examines the need for a multi-disciplined approach to this complex issue.

The conference, which was held on October 30 at Hackensack University Medical Center, was the first of its kind in the nation, where doctors, medical professionals, law enforcement, prevention and treatment communities gathered to open a dialogue on prescription drug abuse. Each of these disciplines shared ideas on how to more effectively communicate with New Jersey residents on prevention tools and messages.

The symposium was a massive success, with the vast majority of doctors walking away with new information to implement into their practice. Among the changes talked about were more stringent prescription policies, especially when dealing with highly addictive opioid medications, more frequent and stricter drug screening, and increased use of New Jersey’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PMP), which tracks medications dispensed throughout the state and helps deter “doctor shopping”.

We invite you to watch the special with your families and most importantly, speak to your children about the content being shown. Prescription drug abuse is a complex issue. In order to solve it, all facets of the issue must be addressed. Families, doctors, law enforcement, and pharmaceutical companies are important pieces to the puzzle.

Watch Caucus NJ tonight at 7PM on NJTV! The program will air again at 12:30AM on WNET.

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