Sunday, July 17th - Day of Awareness and Memorial

The TalkNowNJ.Com website was designed to help raise awareness about the opiate abuse epidemic that is devastating families across the state. Four moms whose lives were forever changed by their children's addiction to opiates came together to help PDFNJ share information about the signs and symptoms of opiate abuse. This selfless effort helps other parents identify substance use disorders in their children and get them treatment, as well as reduce the stigma surrounding addiction and recovery.

PDFNJ’s Co-Chair Elaine Pozycki, PICK Awareness’s Donna DeStefano, Meg Parisi and Abby Boxman- all four of the mom’s featured in the TalkNowNJ.Com video- tirelessly continue to share these messages and work to reduce stigma in their own ways.

This Sunday, July 17th, Abby Boxman and the Boxman Family will be holding a Day of Awareness and Memorial – an afternoon of educating the community about New Jersey's prescription drug/opioid epidemic. It will be held at the North Howell Little League on Oakerson Rd., and feature the New Jersey Shouts Down Drugs second place winner  Michelle Greco, among others. Additional information is below.


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