Study of Genomes Focuses on Biology of Cannabis Use Disorder

A recent study led by the Yale University School of Medicine analyzed more than 1 million genomes in order to provide insight on how use of cannabis is connected to multiple health problems. “Once we understand the biology of cannabis use disorder, we can better understand associated disorders and inform the public of risks associated with marijuana use,” said Dr. Daniel Levey, assistant professor of psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine and lead author of the study. The study, published in Nature Genetics in November, focused on how cannabis use disorder could be linked to psychiatric disorders, misuse and abuse of other substances including tobacco, and possibly even lung cancer.

Much of the marketing now taking place promotes the use of medical marijuana and adult use of marijuana for pain management, especially chronic pain. Authors of this study noted the need for further research on this topic, as those who use marijuana for this reason may develop a cannabis use disorder.

These findings once again demonstrate the need for an ongoing effort to raise awareness and educate communities on the impact legalization of marijuana has on the overall health and wellbeing of our state. We also must work together to prevent our youth from experimenting with marijuana. I encourage schools, faith-based groups and other community organizations to schedule PDFNJ’s 15 Minute Child Break Presentation, a free multi-media program covering the latest drug trends and providing parents with effective strategies to communicate with their kids about underage drinking, marijuana, vaping and prescription medications.

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