Recent Incident Highlights Need for More Marijuana Education

The issue of edibles and the overall legalization of adult use of marijuana has made the work for all New Jersey school districts more challenging. Parents, who are now using marijuana in the home, need to be educated on what to do, as well as what not to do, to keep their children safe and why it is harmful for their kids to start early use. One obvious practice that must be utilized is for parents to secure their marijuana products in a manner that prevents easy access by their children.

Four middle school students in New Jersey were treated at a hospital after they ate marijuana gummies that were knowingly brought to the school by one of the students on Valentine’s Day. After the school nurse completed an evaluation, all four were sent to a medical facility for further evaluation. Ronnie Tarchichi, Superintendent of the Pennsauken School District, noted that all four students have fully recovered.

I encourage school staff members, as well as faith-based leaders, to educate all parents by scheduling  PDFNJ’s 15 Minute Child Break Presentation, a free multi-media program covering the latest drug trends and providing parents with effective preventive strategies to communicate with their kids about substance misuse and abuse.

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