Poll: Support for Marijuana Legalization in Colorado Falling

This past week there have been quite a few marijuana references in the media. The host of the MTV Video Music Awards performed a song with the lyrics “Yeah, I smoke pot” before passing a lit joint to members of the media covering the event; in front a viewing audience of more than 5 million people. Also, new results from Monitoring the Future were released reporting that U.S. college students smoke marijuana at a higher rate today than at any time in the past 35 years. In 2014, this surpassed daily cigarette smoking for the first time. The conversation about marijuana is not one that is going away. An important factor in that dialogue is the effect marijuana is having on residents in states, such as Colorado, that have legalized its use.

Below is a link to information on the findings of a SAM study that found support falling for marijuana where it is legal – an important component to the discussion. 


DENVER, CO- SmithJohnson Research, a polling firm who has worked with Democrats and Republicans, today released a poll finding that a majority (51%) of likely Coloradan voters would oppose Amendment 64 today. Only about a quarter of voters thought the Amendment had done a good job at preventing marijuana-impaired driving and workplace accident, preventing child poisonings from marijuana candies, and preventing marijuana use from increasing among youth. 

read the rest of the findings here

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