NJ Pharmacies Offering Overdose Antidote Free and Anonymously

We at the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey were uplifted to see the number of overdose deaths due to opioid use decline last year. Based on the data so far, that downward trend will continue for this year. Despite this good news, we fully recognize the loss of one life is tragic in itself. In an effort to address the crisis, the New Jersey Department of Human Services (DHS) has launched StopOverdoses.nj.gov, where residents can find pharmacies offering life-saving naloxone anonymously and at no cost.

DHS has partnered with the New Jersey Board of Pharmacy to recruit pharmacies to join the program. Over 600 pharmacies throughout the state are participating in this effort, and more than 40,000 naloxone kits have already been distributed. “Under the Naloxone365 initiative, those ages 14 and older can request and obtain naloxone at participating pharmacies for free without having to provide a name or reason,” according to a department press release. “No prescription is needed. One two-dose naloxone nasal spray kit is provided per visit.”

 “Naloxone is a safe, easy to use, fast-acting and effective nasal spray medication to reverse an overdose and save someone’s life,” DHS Commissioner Sarah Adelman said. “Making naloxone accessible and available for free and anonymously in pharmacies eliminates the most common barriers to the life-saving medication, helps reduce stigma, and ultimately may encourage people to seek treatment and long-term recovery.”

PDFNJ supports this initiative as it serves as a good example of the public-private partnership that is needed to address this crisis. Please encourage your own pharmacy, if it has not done so already, to participate in this program.

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