NJ Attorney General Releases Plan to Address Opiate Epidemic

Since 2008, the centerpiece of PDFNJ’s prevention efforts has focused on the link between prescription drugs and the heroin epidemic. Over the last nine years, PDFNJ developed innovative public awareness initiatives that were replicated throughout the country. The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) recognized PDFNJ twice in the last five years for these efforts. During these years, PDFNJ collaborated with thousands of law enforcement officers, medical professionals, prevention and treatment leaders, and most importantly – parents who have experienced this devastating disease firsthand. PDFNJ also interacted with legislators in New Jersey and across the country to share our unique knowledge and experience in developing solutions to end this epidemic.

We are so pleased that Governor Christie through Attorney General Porrino has proposed a comprehensive plan of action that places equal emphasis on treatment and prevention. PDFNJ looks forward to working with Governor Christie and his administration as well as the NJ legislature in saving lives. 

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