Medical Students Demand Better Training to Tackle Opioid Crisis

Over the last few years there has been much discussion and concern over the lack of sufficient training that medical schools provide new physicians on safe prescribing, addiction, and alternatives to opiates for pain management treatment. Medical students at Harvard University recognize this lack of crucial knowledge and have taken matters into their own hands. They have initiated a self-taught curriculum to prepare themselves to address the opiate epidemic where doctors are on the front line. These young interns are an inspiration because of their proactive effort and concerns for the wellbeing of their future patients.  

This recent news comes as PDFNJ prepares for its 10th Do No Harm Symposium at Hoboken University Medical Center this Friday to educate NJ’s medical community about the opiate abuse epidemic and safer prescribing, while also developing solutions to address this issue. Over the last two years PDFNJ has engaged over 2,000 doctors in this nationally recognized award-winning symposium series.


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