Knock Out Opioid Abuse Town Hall Comes to Atlantic County


Atlantic County, NJ while best known for its Steel Pier, casinos, and picturesque seaside communities is also dealing with a prescription drug and heroin epidemic. Atlantic, like every other county in NJ and throughout the U.S., is looking for ways to address this public health and safety crisis.

One of the most effective ways to develop a comprehensive response to any public health issue is to bring together experts, community leaders, the faith-based community and, most importantly, impacted families to begin a dialogue.

Based on this proven formula, we invite all residents of Atlantic County and the surrounding communities to participate in the first Knock Out Opioid Abuse Town Hall on Monday, April 10, 2017. The Town Hall will be held at Stockton University – Alton Auditorium from 3:30pm to 6pm. Please join the conversation as we discover best practices to address this epidemic and share these ideas with communities throughout NJ.

See below to register for this Town Hall at Stockton University.

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