Faith Leaders: First Responders to the Opiate Abuse Epidemic

Stemming the tide of the opiate abuse epidemic impacting New Jersey cannot be done without all members of the community, including our Faith Based Leaders. The National Prevention Strategy calls on community, nonprofit, and faith-based organizations to support the implementation and enforcement of alcohol and drug control policies. This includes educating youth and adults about the risks of prescription drug misuse and increasing awareness on the proper storage and disposal of prescription medications. Over the past two years, PDFNJ has help symposiums to educate the faith community on how it can become engaged as the often times, first responders for families impacted by addiction. 

Next month, on September 20th, a Do No Harm symposium for the faith-based Community symposium will be held to empower the religious community in Middlesex County and our state with information and education on preventing opiate abuse, and helping those who are addicted: REGISTER HERE

Religious voices, volunteers, and worshippers are an important part in developing solutions to end this epidemic. I invite you to share this information with any person, group or religious organization you think may benefit from attending, or is interested in helping to develop solutions to the life threatening opiate addiction outbreak afflicting New Jersey.

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