Better Know A PDFNJ Program: The 15 Minute Child Break

The average person reading this blog is probably already very familiar with Partnership’s statewide public service campaigns. They can be seen on billboards, bus & train placards, pharmacy bags, and just about anywhere else you can fit a substance abuse prevention message. However this is only part of the Partnership’s mission to prevent substance abuse in our state. We also have a variety of school and community based programs designed to educate both children and parents about the dangers of substance abuse. Over the next few weeks, we are going to be delving into these programs to find out more about how you can implement them in your communities. All of our programs are completely free of charge and always will be.

The 15 Minute Child Break is a live presentation aimed at parents, grandparents, and caregivers to give them the latest information on substance abuse trends and how to talk to their kids about it. The presentation, given by a PDFNJ representative, lasts approximately one hour and is delivered on location. We supply the equipment, information, and presentation. All you have to provide? A location! The basis of the 15 Minute Child Break comes from PDFNJ research that suggests that children who have frequent conversations with their parents about substance abuse are far less likely to try drugs. The purpose of this presentation is to give parents the knowledge and the confidence to begin these discussions with their kids.

Among the many topics covered during the 15 Minute Child Break:

  • Talking to your kids about drugs and alcohol
  • Influence of media and pop culture
  • Effects of specific drugs
  • Keeping your kids drug-free
  • Strengthening parenting skills
  • Utilizing teachable moments

The 15 Minute Child Break can be customized to whatever age group or demographic best suits your needs. It is especially effective for PTA meetings, parent groups, or even lunch and learns and is available in Spanish. Is this presentation effective? We certainly think so. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some really comments from other hosts of our 15 Minute Child Break program:

“This information is necessary for [parents and teachers] to understand…in order to help our students”

“Overall it was a positive and well delivered message for our parents/guardians as well as our community. We all enjoyed it!”

“Thanks for providing such a valuable service”

Are you interested in hosting a FREE 15 Minute Child Break presentation? Visit our website for more information or call Jeannine Brown at 973-467-2100 x14

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