Alcohol Awareness Month

April is Alcohol Awareness Month, I encourage all parents to speak with their children about the long-term effects that alcohol can have, and why living a healthy lifestyle is important. Excessive drinking can compromise the immune system, impair good judgment and damage a developing brain.

I also wanted to make you aware of a new college binge drinking trend called a borg, which is an acronym for blackout rage gallon. A borg consists of students emptying a gallon jug of water and filling it with alcohol and other flavoring.

Borg drinking challenges have been spreading across social media, which recently caused dozens of students at UMASS Amherst to be sent to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. 

Taking the time to talk with your children is the key to prevention.  A cornerstone of the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey (PDFNJ) is family communication, with PDFNJ research finding that parents who talk to their children for at least 15 minutes a day have children who are 67 percent less likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol. Having this open communication can help prevent substance use or misuse down the road.

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