What Are the Top 20 Towns in NJ for Heroin Abuse? The Answer will Shock You

Is your town in the top 20? The Division of Addiction Services in the New Jersey Department of Human Services has released their top 20 towns, although it might not be a list you want to be on.  The list details the cities in New Jersey with the most heroin abuse. It is no longer a secret that heroin is quickly becoming one of the more frightening substance abuse issues facing our state. Long thought to be a problem in urban areas, heroin has permeated all demographics. The widespread nature of the abuse might surprise you.


                                                     Beautiful Brick Township: The #6 town in New Jersey for heroin abuse cases. Image credit: brick-nj.net

While the top 5 are made up of mostly urban areas, the rest of the list is made up suburban towns not normally associated with heroin. Brick Township is number 6. Lacey Township is number 11. Middletown Township is number 14. Are any of these towns similar to yours? Then heroin abuse could be happening right in your backyard and you might not even be aware of it.

The Division of Addiction Services statistics show that this is an issue that has the potential to affect all of us. It is important to speak with our children about the dangers of substance abuse because it is very likely that they are being subjected to the kind of dangerous peer pressure that leads down these dark paths.

Is your town on the list for the top 20 towns in New Jersey with the most heroin abuse? Click here for a complete listing of the top 20.

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