October is National Youth Substance Use Prevention Month

President Biden issued a proclamation declaring October as National Youth Substance Use Prevention Month.  The need for substance use prevention among today’s youth has never been greater as studies show the earlier in life a young person starts using alcohol or other drugs, the greater their lifetime risk of misuse or addiction.

The Proclamation calls upon communities to take action to promote the health and safety of children through the adoption of prevention strategies. Communication is one of the greatest prevention tools in helping children lead healthy lives free of substance is use or misuse.

A cornerstone of the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey (PDFNJ) is encouraging communication and family time as vital components to substance-free and healthy living. PDFNJ research has shown that parents who talk to their children for at least 15 minutes a day have children who are 67 percent less likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol. 

In honor of this month, I urge all of you to take a few minutes to talk to your kids, find out what is going on in their lives and have an open dialog about the dangers associated with drugs and alcohol.

PDFNJ is here to provide information and resources to assist you in any way.  Please visit our website to learn more about our programs and initiatives.

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