Experimenting with Prescription Pills is Deadly

I wanted to share with you this article that outlines the links between pills and fentanyl.

To find out more about this life threating issue join us on October 6 – Knock Out Opioid Abuse Day – for a Learning Series Webinar that will focus on this topic. 


latimes.com - ‘One pill kills’: Student’s overdose death prompts urgent action among educators, police

Melanie thought she had obtained Percocet, an addictive opioid risky on its own, that doctors prescribe to help relieve moderate to severe pain, police said. 

"Tell your children: You can't tell if drugs contain fentanyl by look, taste, smell or touch," Garcetti said. "A dealer may be a friend or so-called friend or classmate. They might not even know what substance they're providing."


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