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  • NJ Hospital ER Leads Nation in Tackling Pain Pill Addiction

    Posted 4/8/2016

    If you show up at the emergency room of St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center in Paterson, you'll have only a one-in-four chance of leaving there with a prescription for opioid pain pills.

  • Fentanyl: What you need to know about the deadly opioid

    Posted 4/8/2016

    The powerful synthetic opiate fentanyl is making headlines, as California health officials recently attributed it to 42 overdoses and 10 deaths in the Sacramento area over just 12 days.

  • PDFNJ Ex. Dir. Angelo M. Valente On Weekly News-Magazine, Issues and Ideas with Chris DeBello

    Posted 4/7/2016

    On Sunday, April 3, PDFNJ Executive Director Angelo M. Valente appeared on Issues and Ideas with Chris DeBello, a weekly news-magazine program which brings heads of organizations, newsmakers, and political leaders to radio listeners on a variety of topics.

  • Poll: 43 Percent of Americans Say Relative or Close Friend Has Substance Use Issue

    Posted 4/7/2016

    A new poll finds 43 percent of Americans say they have a relative or close friend with a substance use issue, and 62 percent say at least one type of substance use is a serious problem in their community, the Associated Press reports.

  • PDFNJ Ex. Dir Angelo M. Valente Appears on Fox 5/Good Day Street Talk

    Posted 4/1/2016

    Angelo Valente [center], along with Joel Pomales [right] Clinical Outreach Coordinator and Director of Advocacy With College Recovery, will be featured on Fox 5/Good Day Street Talk Saturday, April 2nd at 6am. They will discuss with Street Talk host, Antwan Lewis, the link between Rx drug abuse and heroin addiction along with NJ Assembly bill [A3424] that would require a conversation between a prescriber and the parents of children 18 and under who are being prescribed opiate medication. The bill would also require, when appropriate, physicians to provide non-opiate alternatives to patients.

  • PDFNJ and President Obama Both Speak at National Rx Summit in Atlanta

    Posted 4/1/2016

    President Obama and PDFNJ both participated in the National Rx Summit held in Atlanta between March 28th and April 1st.

  • Obama Steps Up U.S. Effort to Fight Abuse of Heroin and Painkillers

    Posted 3/29/2016

    WASHINGTON — President Obama on Tuesday will travel to Atlanta to speak at a meeting of recovering drug addicts, doctors and law enforcement officials, reinforcing his response to the nation’s spiraling prescription painkiller and heroin epidemic.

  • Provocative Times Square Billboard Warns Parents Against Opioid Dangers

    Posted 3/25/2016

    A heroin addiction can start in the most innocent of places, not under a bridge, but in the dentist’s chair or pediatrician’s office. As noted in H&HN’s previous coverage, there is an opioid epidemic raging across the U.S., killing thousands of Americans every day. Often, doctors are prescribing pain pills like oxycodone for sports injuries, kids end up getting hooked, and when the Rx dries up, they turn to street heroin that’s stronger, cheaper and easier to obtain.

  • New Anti-Opioid Campaigns Launched

    Posted 3/25/2016

    Two provocative anti-opioid campaigns were launched this week -- one aimed at educating parents and the other warning physicians about the risks associated with opioid pain medications.

  • From Times Square to Town Squares

    Posted 3/24/2016

    New York, NY – A national Public Service Campaign (PSA) "You Decide Before They Prescribe," geared at educating parents on the link between prescribed prescription pain medicine and heroin abuse and encouraging them to speak to their doctor regarding the addictive qualities of pain medicine and the possible alternatives.