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  • Most teens who abuse opioids 1st got them from a doctor

    Posted 3/30/2017

    Most American teenagers who abuse opioid drugs first received the drugs from a doctor, a new study finds.

  • Ohio Limits Opioid Prescriptions to Just Seven Days

    Posted 3/30/2017

    The Ohio governor unveiled a plan Thursday that targets the place where experts say many opioid addictions begin — the doctor's office.

  • - COMMENTARY: The next steps for NJ to curb opiate addiction

    Posted 3/29/2017

    New Jersey is now on the right path to combat opiate addiction. A recently adopted comprehensive law incorporates most of the major common-sense measures that Partnership for a Drug Free New Jersey, addiction experts and impact families have long advocated. Taken together, these measures give New Jersey among the strongest sets, if not the strongest set, of opiate prevention laws of any state in the nation.

  • Drug Symposium Educates Nursing Students in Salem County

    Posted 3/29/2017

    PENNS GROVE, N.J. - Opioid abuse is tragically a growing issue not only here in the Garden Sate, but across the entire country. In response to this epidemic, the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey organization made its way to Salem County to educate nursing students on the staggering statistics that are growing each year.

  • Christie confirms he will lead Trump drug commission

    Posted 3/29/2017

    TRENTON -- Gov. Chris Christie confirmed during a series of television interviews Wednesday morning that President Donald Trump has picked him to chair a commission to find ways to fight the opioid abuse epidemic in the U.S.

  • Opioids rewire – and take control of – the brain

    Posted 3/27/2017

    Could you forget how to ride a bicycle? That feeling of forward motion, untethered to a parent steadying the seat, stays with most people into adulthood. Hence the expression: You never forget how. But imagine for a minute that you did have to forget. Could you unlearn something like that? That’s what addiction is like, except instead of trying to unlearn something that is fun and mostly free of consequence, you’re trying to unlearn something that has the power to take over your life.

  • When Teenagers Drink, Avoiding the Risks From Driving

    Posted 3/27/2017

    My youngest child was starting sixth grade when we moved to New York City and, naturally, I worried about what challenges the big city might have in store. But when it comes to adolescence, there is at least one major advantage to being a parent in Manhattan: Kids don’t have access to cars.

  • Physicians call for drug abuse to be treated as 'chronic disease'

    Posted 3/27/2017

    With drug overdoses causing tens of thousands of deaths every year in the U.S., physicians are calling for the crisis to be treated like a medical emergency.

  • The numbers are in, and it doesn't look good

    Posted 3/24/2017

    SALEM COUNTY -- The opiate epidemic has spread through New Jersey and Salem County is not exempt. According to the N.J. Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services there were 555 Salem resident substance abuse admissions in 2015, of which 255 were for heroin or other opiates, exceeding the runner up, alcohol, by more than double.

  • With a 10-day supply of opioids, 1 in 5 become long-term users

    Posted 3/23/2017

    The longer a person uses opioids, the greater the risk of forming a deadly addiction. But just how long does it take to switch from being a short-term user—say, while you’re dealing with pain after a surgery—to a long-term, potentially problematic user? A few weeks? A month?