NJ 101.5 - Popular Drug Mixes Spices and Chemicals


Posted: Friday, 11 March 2011 4:49AM


Racquel WilliamsListen to Racquel Williams' report: 

Herbs and spices are normally used for food, but K2-spice is found in joints and smoking pipes. It is the new rage and the current drug of choice for today's teens.

K2-Spice is a blend of herbs and spices that are sprayed with chemicals which are the synthetic version of the psycho-active ingredients naturally found in marijuana. It also gives the same effect. The Partnership For A Drug-Free New Jersey President Angelo Valenti says they've launched a new campaign entitled, "R2-D2 was kid friendly, K2-Spice is kid deadly" to bring attention to the harmful effects of the use of K-2 Spice by New Jersey teens. 

"We are proud that in New Jersey we are taking a very proactive role in alerting the public especially parents of children about the severe consequences of experimenting with K2-Spice," Valente said, "We encourage all residents to visit www.drugfreenj.org to find out more details about this new synthetic drug that is causing harm to our children." 

He says research shows that brain development continues until the age of 25, and there is a grave concern that anytime we use any foreign chemicals in our bodies it might have both short and long term impact. Furthermore, Valenti says the use of synthetic marijuana can also become a gateway drug to other serious more harmful substances in the future.

The packets of K2-Spice had been sold in various shops and marketed as incense. Just last week several forms of synthetic marijuana were added to the DEA's controlled substance list, including chemicals used in this type of drug.