Governor Christie Unveils More ReachNJ Stories of Brave Residents in Recovery


Governor Christie Unveils More ReachNJ Stories of Brave Residents in Recovery

New Videos Now Available Online Show Addiction Recovery Is Possible


HELP IS WITHIN REACH -- Further strengthening his commitment to conquering substance abuse disease, Governor Chris Christie is reminding all New Jersey residents that if they are battling addiction, they need not suffer, they are not alone, and urged them to seek help immediately because it is within reach at the state’s one-stop helpline and website and 1-844-ReachNJ (732-2465).

Governor Christie today unveiled new videos telling the stories of courageous survivors he has met in his quest to stop this epidemic, who have turned their lives around after being gripped by drug addiction.

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James, a recovery aide and former client at the Rescue Mission of Trenton where he met Governor Christie, tells how he was a football player who got hurt while in high school and was prescribed pain relievers.  He explains he was the number-six recruited football player in the nation before addiction shattered his dreams.  He says he determined while sitting in jail, he didn’t want to feel that pain again and chose to maximize every minute he has left on the earth. WATCH: Reach NJ: James’ Personal Story 

Governor Christie continues to appeal to those out there who are suffering to seek help as the first step to reclaiming their lives – lives that are precious.  He says New Jersey is experiencing an epidemic of heroin and opioid abuse, with friends and family dying at twice the national average.  He implores those in need of help to take that first step  and call the ReachNJ helpline or go to the website where they will get caring, personal attention to help them on the road to recovery. WATCH: Reach NJ: Governor Chris Christie

Madeline grew up in southern New Jersey where she started using at the age 13 and was a full addict by 20. She “challenged” God after visiting church that if He wanted her off of drugs that she would need a sign and, shortly after, she says she received that sign, starting on a two-year road to recovery.  Madeline has been in recovery now for several years. She currently resides in Camden County with her daughter, where she is an active member of her community and is heavily involved in her church. She takes great joy in being happy and free from drugs. WATCH: Reach NJ: Madeline’s Personal Story