101.5 FM Reports on 2010 Parent Tracking Study



Racquel Williams
A new survey conducted by The Partnership For A Drug-Free New Jersey, finds that parents are more savvy and informed about drug and alcohol abuse than ever. The study also finds that parents see prescription drug abuse in particular is a serious threat in New Jersey.

The study revealed the importance of communication between parents and children, especially where substance abuse is concerned. PDFNJ Executive Director Angelo Valente, says the study found parents who frequently have meals with their child have "a lot" of influence on their child's attitude towards alcohol and drugs.

"Parents also indicated that the more meals they had together, the more the child was likely to bring up the subject of substance abuse, and look to their family for support." Valente said.

Valente adds that two-thirds of parents feel that kids get prescription drugs from home, and many of them have taken steps to secure their home medicine cabinet.

"This finding points to the fact that New Jersey parents are becoming increasingly more aware of their role in influencing their child's behavior," says Valente. The study found that three-quarters of parents think that a major reason kids use drugs is because they think that being high feels good. Seven in ten parents think kids use drugs to help them forget their troubles.

The study also found that more parents think kids are getting drugs from their peers than from drug dealers. More than four in ten parents think that children are getting drugs from their classmates, and one-third think they are getting them from friends. Fewer than one in five cite dealers.

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