PDFNJ Applauds Gov. Christie



Dear Editor,

For over 20 years the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey through its distinction as being the largest, continuous public service campaign in New Jersey has blanketed the state with messages to families and children to help prevent the devastating effects of substance abuse. 

Regardless of caring parents and well-informed teens, unfortunately, some good kids make bad decisions; bad decisions that lead from experimentation to addiction, and in many cases, criminal charges.  Several weeks ago, Governor Chris Christie signed S-881 mandating treatment for non-violent drug and alcohol dependent offenders, as well as expanding eligibility and providing for a phase-in mandatory drug court program. 

The Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey applauds Governor Christie and the New Jersey legislature for their keen understanding of the complex issues of substance abuse and addiction.  Through this legislation, which the Governor spearheaded, thousands of lives will be saved, and thousands of families will have hope in this second chance provided to their children. 

Angelo M. Valente
Executive Director
Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey